Flight Details
In order to keep your training costs as low as possible we require the following coverage under your aircraft hull & liability insurance policy: 1) ATP Flight Services, LLC and its managing member,John L Lundblad, shall be included as additional insureds under your aircraft liability coverage; 2) You agree to waive your rights of recovery against ATP Flight Services, LLC and its managing member, John L Lundblad, with respect to aircraft physical damage coverage; 3) Your coverage shall be primary with respect to other insurance coverage maintained by ATP Flight Services, LLC and John L Lundblad.

I can fly with you out of my local airport or I can fly to your airport in my aircraft.

Current rates are $37.50/hour for flight training, ground training and travel to/from your airport in my aircraft.  There is a fuel surcharge of $55/hour for travel in my aircraft.  On multiple day trips there is a minimum charge of $300/day plus expenses.