Professional Flight Experience

I  started flying in 1963.  Since retiring from airline flying at the mandatory age of 60 I worked two seasons in Alaska as a Part 135 float plane pilot and in the last two years built and have flown my own Glasair amphibian.  During my entire professional career I remained active in General Aviation, owning, maintaining and flying various light aircraft from J3s to Aztecs, nose wheels, tailwheels and floats. 

Eastern Air Lines

While in college I worked as a flight instructor and charter pilot for a local FBO.  I graduated from Saint Louis University's Parks College with a BS in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and an A&P Certificate.   Immediately after graduating from Parks I was hired by EAL as a B727 FO/SO.  With the exception of 2 years I spent in the Army I completed 22 years at Eastern prior to it's shutdown flying as a B757 FO, DC9 Captain and B727 Captain.


During the year between EAL and my next airline position I worked as a contract flight instructor for the USAF.

Airborne Express 

In 1990 I started my 14 year career with Airborne Express as a DC8 FO and within a year I was promoted to a YS11 captain.  This was followed by upgrades to DC9 and B767 captain.  Due to my experience at Eastern on the B757 I was selected by the company to be a check captain on the B767.  I held this position until retirement. 

Alaska Bush

The year following retirement I was hired by Promech Air in Ketchikan, AK as a float plane pilot and flew the CE185 and DHC2 Beaver.  The following year I was assigned to the DHC3T, Turbine Otter and DHC2 Beaver.